We live in a fiercely individualistic society where people value their privacy. Our Community Groups are counter-cultural spaces where we learn to live out our Christianity together with others.

Our Community Groups are made up of 10-15 people. They meet in the homes of our members. They provide a place to get to know one another, study the Bible together, pray for each other, and support one another.

Join a Community Group

Every Community Group meets for 6-10 week sessions. People may join any Community Group at any time. We encourage you to try out different Community Groups before joining one. 

You can email our CG Leaders & Hosts for more information by clicking on a CG location below:





What if I'm not a Christian?

To really understand Christianity, you need to see it lived out by real people. Community Groups are a great place to figure out how Christians live out their faith.

Community Group Resources

If you have any questions, please send them to community@newlifefremont.org